A little morale booster

I was flipping through the papers in my desk drawer last night in a bid to find my sunglasses (why was I looking for my sunglasses in the middle of a stack of papers?? that's just my way of staying organized!) and came across this bookmark with some motivational text on it (no not a web bookmark...a paper bookmark you friggin geek) that I had bought a few months back, which was now biting dust. read more

My first blog…

wow...can't believe I am really doing this..my first ever blog entry...lets see how long I can carry this on now....

The war of the Air Lords

I always believed that the Indian creative brains rock. They are absolutely phenomenal when it comes to creative ad campaigns and spontaneous marketing. Here is a glittering example - some hoardings from the streets of Mumbai. read more

Transferring WordPress site

I recently transferred this WordPress site (amitabhjotwani.com) to a new host. Although I knew it would involve transferring the database (Word press stores all the content in a database) as well as the actual files, I wasn't quite sure how to go about it. So began my quest for an answer...and as is the norm...a website called Google came to the rescue...anyways...long story short...while there are plenty of websites out there explaining how and what to transfer...it took me a little while to gather all the information and create a step by step process for the transfer. Here's a quick summary of what I discovered needs to be done to ensure a smooth transition - read more