Creating a scaffold for new Alexa skill using the Alexa CLI

If you’re into building skills, you’re probably familiar with Alexa Skills Kit’s Command Line Interface, which lets you create and manage your skill using the CLI, like updating the interaction model, and the backend code. You can of course manage these directly through the Alexa Developer Console, and AWS respectively, but CLI is a much faster workflow. read more

Switching modes in Fantastical

Been using Fantastical on Mac for a while now for creating calendar appointments. While I've been using it to good effect to create calendar appointments, I wanted to see if I could use it as effectively for creating reminders as well. The idea is to get in and out of the verbose Fantastical UI as quickly as possible. Using the mouse to switch between the calendar/reminder mode was a downer for me in that respect. read more

Thank You Amit, Circa 2009

It's been almost 4 years now, since I quit my job at ESG. I remember I had written the email draft I was to send my manager a good 3 weeks before I gave in my notice - Jan 4 2010. read more

Being a Developer Evangelist – The business of exciting people

Being a Developer Evangelist

Last week, I was given an opportunity to give a talk at NYC Developer Evangelists Meetup and I chose to talk about what it is like being a Developer Evangelist, basing it off the lessons I’ve managed to learn in the last 9 months being a Developer Evangelist at Mashery . The talk was fairly well received and I thought I’d go ahead and document it, so it can be available to more evangelists and hopefully kick off some discussion/feedback around it. Intend to keep this an updating piece with tips/suggestions from fellow Developer Evangelists. [Slide deck here ] read more

A little morale booster

I was flipping through the papers in my desk drawer last night in a bid to find my sunglasses (why was I looking for my sunglasses in the middle of a stack of papers?? that's just my way of staying organized!) and came across this bookmark with some motivational text on it (no not a web bookmark...a paper bookmark you friggin geek) that I had bought a few months back, which was now biting dust. read more

My first blog…

wow...can't believe I am really doing first ever blog entry...lets see how long I can carry this on now....