A little morale booster

I was flipping through the papers in my desk drawer last night in a bid to find my sunglasses (why was I looking for my sunglasses in the middle of a stack of papers?? that's just my way of staying organized!) and came across this bookmark with some motivational text on it (no not a web bookmark...a paper bookmark you friggin geek) that I had bought a few months back, which was now biting dust.

I was just about to throw it through the window but then decided to read it one last time before doing the honors....so I read it...and then I read it again and was so impressed that I decided to not only keep it right on my desk but also write the quote here so as to wake up some more dead souls, and boost their morale, so here it goes -

You're really something, do you know that? And in spite of whatever may happen to your day, you are going to stay that way: trying and giving and living life in the best way you know how.

You've made it through difficult things before, right? Right. And you always land on your feet. Maybe not dancing; maybe not always sure about what to do next. But you always manage to figure things out. Especially when you're able to keep your sense of humor and not lose your smile. if you really think about it you'll realize that you are a very strong individual. Someone who may not have all the answers but who is at least willing to hope and try and believe.

So keep your spirits up, and keep things in perspective. It's going to be okay

-Ceal Carson

Hope that lifts up the dead spirits!! It did for me...

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