Good news. Bad news.

17 Feb '12

Finally made it to Austin for API Hackday. The adventure that was this morning -

  • Good news – I reached airport on time for my 6:30am flight
  • Bad news – They kept us waiting on the runway for over an hour
  • Good news – We finally took off
  • Bad news – We reached an hour late. I missed my connection.
  • Good news – I “almost” missed my connection. They were delayed also due to fueling.
  • More Good news – didn’t have to wait 7 hours at Charlotte for the next flight. reached Austin just an hour late.
  • Ultimate Bad news – My checked in baggage didn’t make it. Sigh!
  • Ultimate Good news – Screw all that. I am in Austin. API Hackday. Yayy! Bring it on!

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  1. 18/02/2012Neil says:

    Oh boy.

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